Society3 Venture Investments

Investment Strategy
We are looking for tech and tech related companies with society relevant solutions. That includes innovation in FinTech, AI, Market places, Social Media, Logistics solutions, EdTech, Energy, TranTech, AgTech, Food Tech, Business Software, Operating Systems, Security Technology, Mechanical Innovation, NanoTech and related innovations.
We do not invest in gambling, fashion, defense industry, pleasure industry, local businrsses or any manual services business.

We are investing in scaleup companies, between 6 month and 5 years old. We expect you to have an MVP, generated some initial sales, and are now ready to scale up. We do Seed, A and follow on rounds.

We exclusively invest in companies who successfully completed our Scaleup Accelerator Program. Working with you in a very close engagement - sometimes on a day to base is the best due diligence we can think of - for both: you and us. Unlike the conventional "Song & Dance Show" we want to make sure we really get to know each other.

While we demand the lead investor position, we will always co-invest with other VCs in Europe. It is our ultimate goal to support any size round. In order to do so, we venture out throughout Europe to get the capital our portfolio companies need for their growth.

Round sizes
If a team needs a billion Euro to successfully go global, we will work with all available VCs to pull off any size round. We do not accept any borders but think Pan European.

We value fast traction more than highly sophisticated inventions. We value amazing teams, fast growth, brilliant communication, a diverse and very complementary founders team, zero budget marketing and lean operations. If the key attributes are there, we value your business based on past 9 month and 12 month forward looking revenue. Our valuation model is very transparent: We consider 6x to 20x forward looking revenue.

Due Diligence
Obviously we conduct a legal, business and technology due diligence as part of our fiduciary responsibility to our investors and co-investors in any deal. But the most important part of our due diligence is the seven week accelerator.


Getting in touch
Help us getting to know you and using quality time to explore some opportunities.

Just send us your current deck, a one pager, your cap table, linkedIn profiles of all founders, link to your website and all social online presences. We will get back to you quickly.