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The Innovations Paradigm Company

Building ground breaking innovation that changes the way an industry segment conducts business.

Innovation & Disruption

Innovation Design is a discipline pretty much everybody can learn.

Innovate or get disrupted. Making an end to random experimentation. Introducing a methodical approach which empower teams to become truly innovative. Discover innovation opportunities before your competition and execute relentlessly. The root problem is not know how the act of innovation truly works.
TEST YOURSELF: Tell your teams to be more innovate. Then how do you respond to a question like: “Tell me exactly how to innovate. Step by step, how do I create ideas?”. While you probably have an excellent team that learned to handle machines, develop algorithms, develop strategies and business plans, learned how to sell and how to market, create a long term financial forecast or how to hire talents. They never learned how to innovate or how to create a disruptive business model. And you are not alone.

The founders of Society3, founded several of those disruptive businesses and helped many startups to do so too. While the “Silicon Valley Spirit” helps a lot, it isn’t the reason for being innovative. After being asked hundreds of times: “how do you innovate, how did you come up with these ideas, what did you do to build so many innovative companies?”, the Society3 founders set on a quest to find out. The results have been equally surprising and stunning. They, and most of their peers, did intuitively and accidently found the same path to innovation. Together with the latest discoveries in neuroscience they found out how the brain creates and processes ideas. AS a result, the Society3 team created methods and tools to help others become innovative.

The Innovations Paradigm Model provides a holistic view of the innovation processes from innovation opportunity identification to idea creation, all the way to successfully bringing those innovative ideas to global markets. Conventional product improvements are NOT considered an innovation. Innovation is a from ground up newly developed product, service or business model that changes the way an industry segment conducts business. Innovation disrupts competitors by helping customers making a quantum leap in their behavior, work or other activities. The Innovations Paradigm Model and its methods and tools helps managers and experts to create an innovation continuum.

Complete Innovation Paradigm

The most important step in innovation:

Getting out of the lab, and into the market.

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