Deep Innovation Design™

Building ground breaking innovations on demand – seriously

What we do:  Society3 Group, provides business managers with methods and tools, empowering their teams to continuously innovate based on their company’s innovation strategy. We call the entire process Deep Innovation Design. The new method denotes the end of random experimentation.

Deep Innovation Design™

Deep Innovation Design is a new discipline that leads to continuous innovation without experimentation

Deep Innovation Design is a whole new technique to help teams create truly groundbreaking ideas, in a repeatable manner. In other words, it allows to develop “innovation on demand”. It denotes the end of experimentation, hoping for a magical idea, or endless thinking with no real significant results. Deep Innovation Design departs from the concept of “ideation” and moves to strategic solution development based an certain insights and factors. Deep Innovation Design is also the opposite of the concept that specialists should come up with an idea, instead a diverse set of talents are needed to come up with great ideas. Deep Innovation Deign is a set of methods independent of education levels, skill sets or expertise. We believe that far more people can be truly innovative that we think today. Find out for yourself.

The Innovation Challenge

Businesses are asked to be more innovative. Yet, there are several hundred definitions of what innovation actually is or supposed to be. Even more challenging, there is no clear model how to innovate, how to create innovative ideas, how to process these ideas. Up until recently it was not even clear how those ideas get created in the first place.
If an employee would ask their supervisor, manager, executive: “Tell me exactly how to innovate. Step by step, how do I create ideas?“.
Nobody ever ‘learned’ how to innovate. Most people believe, extremely disruptive and innovative ideas come by accident. And as long we don’t know why and when, how can we anybody MANAGE an innovation process?

In Search of Innovation

The founders of Society3, founded several disruptive businesses and helped many startups to do so too. While the “Silicon Valley Spirit” helps a lot, it isn’t the reason for being innovative. After being asked hundreds of times: “how do you innovate, how did you come up with these ideas, what did you do to build so many innovative companies?”, the Society3 founders set on a quest to find out.

The results have been equally surprising and stunning. On the surface, they, and most of their peers, intuitively and accidently had innovative ideas and crafted disruptive business models. But when going deep into the cognitive background of each and every idea, plus learning from latest discoveries in neuroscience, the team found out how the brain creates and processes ideas. As a result, the Society3 team learned in retrospect why they had those innovative ideas and why they could even help other startups create innovative businesses.

Innovation Paradigm™

The Innovations Paradigm describes the whole complex from ideation to innovation value creation

Innovations Paradigm Model

The Innovations Paradigm Model was the basis for developing the Deep Innovation Design model and it’s methodology.

The most important step in innovation:

Getting out of the lab, and into the market.

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