This is not quite our social style but the current situation requires a new discipline: Digital Interaction

All our programs, workshops, seminars, our customer interaction, our support and our customer meetings are 100% digital.

We are equipped with very easy to use video conference tools, and also use the most simple ways of interaction via google hangout, Zoom or Skype. Our active customers can reach us anytime on WhatsApp or messenger.

We have a one Gigabit Fiber access to the internet straight from our office, use professional high res cameras and professional microphone settings to make the contact experience as high quality as possible.

One experience we want to share: In the past few weeks we had far more client interactions online than ever before. Trying to setup a meeting, finally finding a convenient day and time, traveling holding a one our meeting – one hour seem to be the global standard to speak with one another traveling back and so forth.

TODAY: “Do you have a moment?” – “Sure – give me 5 minute” – “How can I help” – We have this and that issue … Ok ….”  15 minute later, everything was done. And not next week or so but immediately.

For the time being – lets take the situation as is, make the best out of it and don’t let a tiny 0.3 micron in size virus take over too much of our life.



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