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Society3 in a nutshell

Society3 Group, provides business managers with methods and tools, empowering their teams to continuously innovate within their industry segment. The company offers a unique 360 degree innovation development framework, for innovative thinking, innovation strategy development, innovation opportunity discovery, innovation design, innovation validation, scaling innovation and bringing the innovation successful to global markets. The Society3 team developed a unique program that helps to make innovation a continuous exercise for future generations of innovative solutions. The Society3 Innovations Paradigm represents an end-to-end innovation development strategy and structure for medium to large enterprises.

The company founders have been successful entrepreneurs in Europa and more than 20 years in Silicon Valley, starting and growing in total four disruptive companies including Computer 2000, Infinigate, Webstock and BlueRoads. The founder, Axel Schultze, is also the architect of the Innovations Paradigm model and the author of the corresponding book, “Innovations Paradigm”.

Society3 initially launched in 2014 in Silicon Valley as one of the first innovation accelerators for startups. With its methodical approach to disruptive business models, the company was named one of the top 100 most influential accelerators in the world. Today the startup accelerator was handed over to the World Innovations Forum Foundation to help startups in emerging countries and the company, now based in Switzerland focuses on its unique innovative thinking models and helping corporations build their own innovations paradigm model.

We at Society3, envision a world where innovation is understood as continuum rather than an accidental invention, and sustainable innovation as a balance between progress and prosperity for humanity and the world we live in.

Society3 is committed to donate 10% of its profit to the World Innovations Forum Foundation helping entrepreneurs in developing am emerging countries to thrive. Innovation and entrepreneurship was the foundation for most developed countries and WIForum is helping emerging countries to create a self propelled economy through sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship too.