Deep Innovation Design

What is Deep Innovation Design?
A complete end to end innovation development process. A methodical process, going from innovation opportunity discovery, followed by idea creation, using innovative thinking techniques, all the way to global successes. Deep Innovation Design means groundbreaking new concepts that advances or entertains its users to a degree that was not seen before, not just improvements over previous versions of a product or service.

Can groundbreaking new ideas be developed on demand?
Yes, that is the key value of the deep innovation design process. Once you understand how the brain is creating and processing ideas, you almost immediately see it’s power and opportunities. The most important learning is that humans are not creative but composes past experiences to completely new situations. The second most important learning is that blockage of amazing ideas does not come from cultural or educational differences but from the way our brain is wired by default. And the third most important learning is to be able to stimulate our brain to rewire our default position by stimulating the inner rewards system. Applying that knowledge in the context of innovation creation, you find new ways to identify opportunities to innovation, new ways to realize groundbreaking innovation, and new ways to bring them to market. We realized that almost all innovative solutions also used fundamentally different methods to conquer existing or even non-existing markets, compared to their conventional company approaches. With all that discovery we can assemble a team that is able to be innovative on demand.

The Innovation Journey Map
In order to navigate the not entire innovation process, we developed an Innovation Journey Map that shows the major milestones. Based on the realization: “The initial value of an idea is zero” and “Innovation value grows with its distribution”, the Innovation Journey Map looks at the entire innovation environment; from idea creation,  validation, funding, branding, production, go-to-market and more.

Manageable & On Demand

What you can measure – you can manage.
Billion dollar startups are funded by multi billion dollar venture capital firms. A unicorne is by definition a company valued larger than a billion dollar. A very good startup had consumed at least 100 million dollar investment to get to a stage where it becomes a serious market disruptor.

Not a single global enterprise on earth can hope that their innovation, grown out of a lab, becomes a world class solution for free. Again, the initial value of an idea is exactly zero. The value of an idea is created when the idea get’s executed and attracts their designated target audience. And that process is never free.

Innovation management is a very young discipline but since we know how the brain works and innovations can be created on demand, we can come up with methods, processes, goals, objectives, milestones and KPIs. Moreover we can look into “Technology Aided Innovation”  (TAI) systems and powerful Innovation Management Systems (IMS).

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