Deep Innovation Design

What is Deep Innovation Design?
A complete end to end innovation development process. A methodical process, going from innovation opportunity discovery, followed by idea creation, using innovative thinking techniques, all the way to global successes. Deep Innovation Design means groundbreaking new concepts that advances or entertains its users to a degree that was not seen before, not just improvements over previous versions of a product or service.

Can groundbreaking new ideas be developed on demand?
Yes, that is the key value of the deep innovation design process. Once you understand how the brain is creating and processing ideas, you almost immediately see it’s power and opportunities. The most important learning is that humans are not creative but composes past experiences to completely new situations. The second most important learning is that blockage of amazing ideas does not come from cultural or educational differences but from the way our brain is wired by default. And the third most important learning is to be able to stimulate our brain to rewire our default position by stimulating the inner rewards system. Applying that knowledge in the context of innovation creation, you find new ways to identify opportunities to innovation, new ways to realize groundbreaking innovation, and new ways to bring them to market. We realized that almost all innovative solutions also used fundamentally different methods to conquer existing or even non-existing markets, compared to their conventional company approaches. With all that discovery we can assemble a team that is able to be innovative on demand.

What is the Innovations Paradigm?
The Innovations Paradigm Model describes the entire innovation ecosystem and its stakeholders. Based on the realization: “The initial value of an idea is zero” and “Innovation value grows with its distribution”, the Innovations Paradigm looks at the entire innovation environment; from idea creation,  validation, funding, branding, production, go-to-market and more. It looks at its most relevant and typically highly diverse stakeholders and the general socio-economic landscape the innovation is build for, which even includes virgin markets (non existing markets).

Methods & Approach

From zero to awesome in 9 months

The first step is to create the initial strategy workshop. You use the S3 Strategy Octagon that guides you in a methodical way to think of all the strategic aspects of your innovation development process.

The immediate next step is to identify innovation opportunities. No more looking what the competition does – look for the keys that indicate what the market will need. The Opportunity Discovery Method will give you a path to find the way to most needed innovation. It requires entrepreneurial thinking without being an entrepreneur.

We do not count on random idea sparks. Knowing how our brain creates and processes ideas, we use that knowledge to stimulate extreme idea creation to get to deep innovation and composition of groundbreaking new concepts.

The next step is validating the idea with its intended audience. And no, we do not fear that somebody “steels the idea” we know, there is zero risk. The feedback provides you with the data relevant to make the decision to invest and go forward or drop the project.

For good reasons there is still no prototype, no alpha version of the product and no service simulation. Before that we create the business model, or modus operandi for company internal solutions, which will later be an integral part of the actual solution. At that stage we also try to create a “disruptive moment” into the business model, which will differentiate us from the rest.

Startups need millions or sometimes billions to grow to the top. That is no different in corporate innovation spaces. Hence, the financing aspect is already part of the strategy and now we are making detailed financial projection for the innovation project. This is a similar process like venture capital firms assess their startup investments and plan it through, all the way to an IPO.

9 month later you go to market

The innovation value created so far is zero, but it will now grow with its distribution. Using the “Innovation To Market” method, you will make a detailed early adopter analysis, growth and organizational scale projections, identify ways to go to market with minimal marketing budgets (like a startup) and make assumptions for the next 3 years of market development.

Already after the first year you will hopefully see competitors copying your innovation. After five years you will experience fierce competition and the potential for disruption from the outside. This is when you know you are utterly successful. You now begin to disrupt yourself before others come too far. Also the Innovation Continuum is a methodical approach to engage into a continuous innovation cycle with your innovators team.

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