Emergency Programs

In collaboration with the World Innovations Forum Foundation

Fighting Pandemics

Innovate Fighting Pandemics is an initiative from the World Innovations Forum which we are fully supporting. Please visit the WIForum website for more details.


We are supporting the initiative by accelerating the innovation process for:

  1. Ways to detect virus infections fast and mobile (anywhere any time).
  2. Vaccines and cures for current situations and ways to address future or different viruses.
  3. Access to more resources and healthcare products.
  4. Globally working infection containment and communication strategies, methods, technology.
  5. Easy ways to aggregate, curate and make accessible education for everybody.
  6. Strategies, methods and tools to help people outside the digital world.
  7. Ways to improve self sufficiency for every country.
  8. Ways to conduct save and fast transportation and logistics.
  9. Ideas to better support social and psychological effects or deficiencies.
  10. Identify other risks and problems to be taken care of.
  11. Identifying ways to share ideas no matter how far off those ideas my be.
  12. And any other idea or challenge that may occur.

Developing Countries

Groundbreaking innovation from developing nations is still extremely rare. In crisis situations, those countries are extremely dependent on their wealthier partner nations from developed counties. In crisis situations from developed countries, those emerging nations are extremely endangered.


In partnership with the World Innovations Forum, we are providing Deep Innovation Design school programs to entrepreneurs from developing countries to accelerate innovation development, helping them to get faster to prosperity and independence.

A six week crash course shall empower entrepreneurs, specifically from selected countries in Africa and South East Asia to leapfrog to truly innovative thinking and working with the latest Deep Innovation Design method and tools.

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