Deep Innovation Design – Knowledge Transfer Series

Free webinar schedule for 2020 / 2021

#2 Innovation Opportunity Discovery

What would be the most critical areas to innovate in your business?

Jun 4
With today’s understanding how the brain creates ground breaking ideas, the Deep Innovation Design Model denotes the end of random experimentation and introduces innovation on demand. Still, it is critical to know, where to invest your innovation effort? How do you discover ares, where innovation is desperately needed, which are the open daars for anybody to disrupt. The newly won freedom to innovate at will need to be directed to strategic ares of your business. Lets us share with you best practices and new methids.

#3 Organizational or Market Facing Innovation

Jul 2
Innovation is not necessarily always a new product or new business model. Organizational Innovation has usually the same impact on customers than a new product. If painfully long waiting lists, difficult order processes and difficult service operations all of a sudden change to a radical new experience and saving customers time and headache, such an organizational innovation is as valuable as a new product design. Those Innovations could also lead to business model innovation which usually is difficult to compete with. We show you how.

#4 Innovation Dream Team

Aug 6
As always, it takes teamwork to make a dream work. And big dreams need dream team. Here we are sharing the bet possible team composition, we talk about the necessary diversity of the teams and the trap of expert teams or mono cultures in the innovation team. Innovation Dream Teams have an entrepreneurial spirit but not necessarily entrepreneurs. We explore the top traits of an innovation team and the experiences they will need to have. You will learn why skills are not a key selection factor

#5 Idea Validation

Sep 3
You and your team developed a great idea. But is it really great? Is it worth investing millions just to find out, the market didn’t respond as hoped? Every Innovation Team needs to find out even BEFORE you get into expensive prototyping. Consumers are intelligent enough today to read a drawing and eloquent enough to tell you whether that is a dream solution or just yet another improvement of an existing product. Asking the right questions, sharing the right vision, asking the best possible candidates and understanding what they say is the key. You will learn how to conduct a idea validation at ground zero.

#6 Innovation Financing

Oct 1
CFOs are challenged when it comes to innovation financing.  Yes they approved a billion or even ten billion investment into the next automobile model. But are they ready to approve 500 Million for a radically new product? Can he win or only loosing be taking such a leap? What would she have the right tools to make that judgement? The list of questions is as long as the difference between a startup CFO and a corporate CFO and equally different like a venture capitalist and a wealth manager. You will see what a corporate CFO needs to know and needs to get to make a innovation investment decision.

#7 Deep Innovation Design Process

Nov 5
The age old riddle of how our brain composes and processes ideas is solved. The question is now, how can we leverage the new way of innovative thinking and access those features the brain provides us like muscles in the physical world. NeuroIdeation is at the core of the Deep Innovation Design process. We will share with you how we can stimulate – even play with some features of our brain like a football players with their ball. We will share some of the key neuroscience discoveries and how we can processes results with a newly developed Computer Aided Ideation system (CAI). Because we all know – only what we can measure we can manage and that must be true for ideation as well.

#8 Innovation Continuum

Dec 3
Details will be provided soon

#9 Disruptive Business Model

Jan 14, 2021
Details will be provided soon

#10 Innovation Management

Feb 4, 2021
Details will be provided soon

#11 Innovation Journey Map

Mar 4, 2021
Details will be provided soon

#12 Innovation Tree Effect

Apr 1, 2021
Details will be provided soon

#13 Innovation Strategy Development

May 6, 2021
Details will be provided soon

#14 Career Opportunity Innovation

Jun 3, 2021
Details will be provided soon

Knowledge Transfer Series

This online education program provides insights into the key aspects of Deep Innovation Design. It ranges from Innovation Strategy Development, the actual composition of ground breaking ideas all the way to scaling the innovation delivery in global markets.

Each month we have a different topic and conduct a 45 min webinar with 15-45 minute Q+A.

All webinars are recorded. You can view them any time later on.
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This is neither a teaser nor any promo program. We provide a deep dive into this new world of conscious innovation on demand.

Innovation is neither specific to a certain role and definitely not dedicated to any specialists or experts. Ground breaking innovation requires a diverse team with different talents from different business backgrounds.

The entire Knowledge Transfer Series is designed for Innovation Managers, Innovation Design Center Executives and Innovation Teams or those who are soon transitioning into such a role. Also Students planning to take a career as Innovator are very welcome.

“It was far beyond my expectation” – “An amazing insight” “Well, we will have to completely rethink our approach to innovation”, “I guess the good old R&D center is dead”, “I just found the greatest career opportunity”, “I just wonder why this was not discovered earlier”, “Very demanding, needs your full attention”.


#1 Deep Innovation Design Intro

May 7
We show you how the brain creates and processes ideas. No – we won’t make you a neuroscientist, and we don’t suggest any drugs :). After four years of research and following some of the most advanced neuroscientists, you probably have read about our discoveries. In this webinar, our founder and CEO will be putting everything into context. We explain the methods we created and finally the tool that will allow executives for the first time to fully manage innovation projects