Would Innovations Forum Foundation

Society3 was originally founded in 2012 in Silicon Valley and launched a startup support initiative in 2014 in San Francisco, helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build and scale their startups. A year later, the Society3 founder was named one of the top 100 most influential accelerator in the world. With the rapidly growing need for entrepreneurship support, in particular in developing nations, the founders of Society3 envisioned a world where prosperity is possible for all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship. They founded the World Innovations Forum foundation in 2019 and transferred the startup accelerator and all startup support activities for emerging and developing countries to the Foundation.

The founding family gave the World Innovations Forum Foundation the purpose to help highly ambitious entrepreneurs in emerging countries to fulfill their own respective entrepreneurial dreams, building society relevant and innovative solutions and partnerships with other innovative businesses. The objective of those entrepreneurs shall be to build a base for significant productivity that brings their respective nation on eye-level with developed countries and reach prosperity through innovation and entrepreneurship. Within a very short period of time after founding the vision of the foundation spread fast across Asia and Africa. Volunteers and supporting teams began t introduce the concept to hundreds of local, innovative minds, local investors and ecosystem players. Together, entrepreneurship as a whole and innovative thinking to develop ground breaking new ideas that can compete in the global economy, was embraced. Read more