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Methods & Approach

Becoming more innovative as a company and empowering your team to be more innovative looks VERY different when understanding how our brain actually creates and processes ideas, how startups really crack a market open and how enterprises could stop random experimentation and start truly innovating – like their original founders did – sometimes 200 years ago.

The act of innovation is 12,000 years old. We did not know what the human brain is capable of, very much like we did not know what the human body can do once humans understood what it takes to train a single muscle, get the perfect nutritional meal to climb “Half Dome” in Yosemite in 2 and 1/2 hours versos 7 days just 50 years earlier, let alone 500 years ago.

By intense research about how innovators innovated and how our brain creates and processes ideas we were able to develop tools and methods to get talents to extreme innovators like athletes to extreme sports people. We focus on extreme innovation and helping business teams to become top player in their industry segments.

Implementation Modules

  1. Introduction to Innovative Thinking (Seminar)
  2. Innovation Strategy Development (Workshop)
  3. Team Composition, Culture & Innovation Space (Workshop)
  4. Innovation Opportunity Discovery (Training & Workshop)
  5. Innovative Design & Thinking (Training & Workshop)
  6. Concept Validation (Workshop)
  7. Innovation-To-Market and Branding (Training & Workshop)
  8. Innovations Continuum (Workshop)
  9. Expert Training and CIPE certification (Training)
  10. Individual Management Advisory (Advisory)

1) Innovation Strategy Development

ID 202110
From experimentation to methodical and strategic innovation. From waiting for the Billion Dollar Idea to highly business relevant, ground braking innovation. Attendees develop a new understanding how groundbreaking innovations are created and what it takes to turn them into market leading solutions that re-defines the way an industry is conducting business. The Innovation Strategy Development program provides guidance, tools and techniques to create a robust Corporate Innovation Strategy that will fit into the overall corporate directions.
– Introduction & Kick-off meeting (1 day)
– Strategy preparation and strategy objectives (2 weeks parallel to day to day work)
– Strategy development workshop (2 days – offsite)
– Innovation Assessment (5 days full time)
– KPI and reporting development
– Project budget considerations (Above $50 MM)
– Dedicated Innovation Strategy Canvas
– Strategy summary meeting (1 day)
Outcome: A long-term, sustainable innovation strategy document that defines the innovation objectives for the next few years  and how those objectives shall be achieved.

2) Team Composition, Culture & Innovation Space

ID 202120
Conventional office environments that are geared to optimization and best team utilization, may not be the perfect space to innovate.  This program helps to explore and structure step by step the best innovation environment for the respective business and their unique innovation strategy. It helps assembling the best possible team and the best possible work and learning environment. Depending on the strategic directions, larger meeting and exploration spaces or active customer observation laboratories are taken into consideration. An effective innovation space needs to go far above and beyond conventional R&D situations.

– Introduction & Kick-off meeting (3 days – offsite)
General objectives, requirement, structure, design aspects, culture spects, team assembly
– KPI development kit
– 2 Dedicated Innovation Development Canvases
– Team assembly (4 weeks parallel to day to day work)
– Space selection, building evaluation and move (2 months)
– Innovation strategy kickoff  (2 day workshop)
Requires Product ID 205010
Outcome: Clearly defined innovation space requirement, design ideas and collaboration layout. Moreover, the assembly of the founding team for the project.

3) Innovation Design Program

Product ID 203150
Following a natural innovation design process that observes needs, unfolds extraordinary ideas and finds ways to make those ideas a reality and then bring the solution to global markets. Attendees learn how the brain creates and processes ideas and how we can unfold disruptive models that may change the way an industry is conducting business. Based on the understanding how ideas and innovation can be consciously created, the program follows a highly methodical three step approach of “observation – idealization – realization”. Those processes may take several weeks to complete. The human creativity works best in a rather free flow and only marginally under pressure. The outcome is a visionary concept with an optimized solution and a disruptive business model, to be realize in the here and now.

– Introduction & Innovation Development Methodologies (3 days – offsite)
– KPI development kit
– 4 Dedicated Innovation Development Canvases
– Observation project (6-8 weeks highly focused and unique research)
– Idealization project (2-3 days – offsite)
– Concept validation phase
– Realization development project (1 week)
– Project status meeting and next steps (1 day)
– Relentless execution including prototyping (6 months max)
– Comprehensive planning and innovation design leverage for  the execution
Resource planning for market entry and scaling the organization for the next 5 years
Capitalization strategy and capital requirements for the next 5 years
– Getting ready for the go to market project
Requires Product ID 202110
Outcome: In 9 months from zero to a groundbreaking innovation.  The work will impress customers and validate the solution as well as providing guidance for the “Innovation-to-Market” strategy

4) Innovation to Market Strategy

Product ID 203180
By far, the biggest challenge of innovators is to bring their brand new innovation to market. Even the largest and most advanced businesses on earth seem to be extremely challenged to introduce their new solutions successfully to their target audience. New go-to-market models and methods help to bring products in entirely new ways to their respective markets. The Innovation-to-market model is no longer a conventional go to market strategy but includes innovation itself as part of the process.
– Innovation to market strategy foundation class (2 day – offsite)
– Innovation to market strategy development (4 weeks parallel to other work)
– Innovation to market plan development (8 weeks)
– Innovation to market strategy forming (2 days offsite)
– KPI development kit
– Dedicated Innovation to Market Canvas
– Innovation to market guidance and advisory (1 year)
Requires: Product ID 203150
Outcome: Within 12 weeks developing a fully executable and innovative go to market strategy. The strategy shall describe the innovative character, the leverage of the product as part of the market development effort and the budget & marketing resources for the next 24 months.

Certified Innovations Paradigm Executive CIPE

Product ID 205150
Education program to become an expert in Innovations Paradigm Implementation and Management. A one week training going through an end to end program cycle from start to rolling out innovative solutions and maintain an innovations culture and spirit.
Top level project executives, managing an innovation project, given all necessary decision making power and authority.
– Full week education program
– KPI development kit
– 10 Dedicated Innovation Development Canvases
– Tests
Requires: Product ID 203170
Outcome: Acquiring the skills to autonomously leading a team of highly skilled innovative minds in a fully authorized innovation development project

C-Level Innovation Advisory

Product ID 205100
An advisory program for adhoc needs, strategic advise and a sparring partner for leadership related challenges around innovation building.
– Ad Hoc calls whenever needed
– Advisory meetings, one per month, maybe online
– 12 month license
Outcome: Developing the necessary knowledge and confidence to empower innovation development teams, provide competent leadership and the background to make good innovation development strategy decisions.

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