Partnering with Society3

Why we team up

The Society3 Team has a long history of partner focused businesses. We know that 1+1 is more than two when is comes to business.

What we are looking for

All our partners need to have an enterprise business background, understand the pressure to innovate and the need for a methodical and success oriented approach. Authorized partners, once trained, need to be able to successfully perform the following:

  • Innovation Needs Assessments
  • Conducting Innovation Development Workshops
  • Innovative & Disruptive Business Model Development
  • Moderating Innovation Design Processes
  • Innovation Lab & Ecosystem Development


Innovation Paradigm Implementation projects can be as short as a series of workshops or a multi year deep dive and profound innovation space implementation. Moderating multiple and sometimes simultaneous innovation development projects.


  • Ability to develop business relationships on a corporate level
  • Base understanding of change management
  • Capacity to conduct days or week long trainings
  • Good understanding of business model development
  • Openness to learn and understand how our brain creates ideas
  • Experience with high level strategy development
  • Ability to moderate large and global innovation implementation processes
  • Experience with global business development


Based on the fact that our customers are highly demanding and innovation projects need a multitude of skills we expect partners have a team of about 50 to 500 employees. A team of 5 would be the minimum for smaller projects. A typical project team includes:
* Project lead
* Project implementation experts
* Trainer
* Customer success manager

What we are offering

Innovation stimulation and development is a complex task where most companies struggle. The Innovations Paradigm Model is the first full circle methods and tools based innovation development concept. Partner will become fully trained and also initially accompanied by Society3 in the first projects. We offer:

  • Comprehensive trainings and train the trainer programs.
  • Knowledge transfer and seminars about how our brain creates innovation.
  • Customer relations advice leading to successful projects.
  • Project leads and joint follow up calls from Society3
  • If of interest, extending consultancy into governments and universities
  • Dedicated project support for partners
  • Presentation, canvases, guidelines…

If this is a good match for you, please get in touch or apply to become a partner.

Partner Application


If you are interested in becoming an authorized and trained  Innovation Paradigm Partner, helping your clients make a quantum leap in innovation development, please apply here: