Product Overview

The innovations paradigm company. We discovered the innovations paradigm model and created the framework to implement it. In order to do so we developed innovative solutions that are available as productized services.

Innovation Strategy Development

Product ID 205010
This program helps to understand that innovation is not a random act of creativity but a logical and intelligent process to develop a near perfect solution for any given problem. The Innovation Strategy Development Seminar provides guidance tools and techniques to create a robust Corporate Innovation Strategy that will fit into the overall corporate directions and strategy – or influences that strategy in an innovative way.
– Introduction & Kick-off meeting (1 day)
– Strategy preparation time (2 weeks parallel to day to day work)
– Strategy development workshop (2 days – offsite)
– Innovation Assessment (5 days)
– KPI development kit
– Dedicated Innovation Strategy Canvas
– Strategy summary meeting (1/2 day)
Fee: $ 75,000

Innovation Space implementation

Product ID 205020
Conventional office environments that is geared to optimization and best team utilization, may not be the perfect space to innovate.  This program helps to explore and structure step by step the best innovation environment for the respective business.

Innovations Paradigm Implementation Program
In order to implement the complete Innovations Paradigm Model, it is helpful to leverage external resources to moderate the process. The program provides the initial training, innovation development workshops, Executive level advisory, and the Innovation Space implementation guidance and process moderation.
– Introduction & Kick-off meeting (3 days – offsite)
– KPI development kit
– 2 Dedicated Innovation Development Canvases
– Team assembly (6 – 12 weeks parallel to day to day work)
– Space selection, building and move in (3 months)
– Innovation strategy kickoff  (2 day workshop)
Fee: $50,000
Requires Product ID 205010

C-Level Innovation Advisory

Product ID 205030
An advisory program for adhoc needs, strategic advise and a sparring partner for leadership related challenges.
– Ad Hoc calls whenever needed
– Advisory meetings, one per month, maybe online
– 12 month license
Fee: $ 16,000 per month

Innovation Development Program

Product ID 205040
Innovation is neither a creative job nor an empirical process for new ideas. Innovation follows a natural process that observes needs, unfolds extraordinary ideas and finds ways to make those ideas a reality and then bring the solution to global markets. Attendees learn how the brain creates ideas and how it creates innovation.
– Introduction & Innovation Development Methodologies (3 days – offsite)
– KPI development kit
– 4 Dedicated Innovation Development Canvases
– Observation project (6 weeks parallel to day to day work)
– Idealization & Realization project (2 days – offsite)
– Realization project execution (6 weeks parallel to day to day work)
– Project status meeting and next steps (1 day)
Fee: $185,000
Requires Product ID 205020

Disruptive Business Model Development

Product ID 205050
A dedicated program to help teams developing disruptive business models for their company. It includes a creative process and well defines methodologies to come to disruptive solutions, as well as ways to make those solutions a reality.
– Disruptive Modelling Class (3 day – offsite)
– KPI development kit
– Dedicated Innovation Development Canvas
– Business model development phase 1 (2 weeks parallel to other work)
– Business model development phase 2 (2 days offsite)
– Market validation (30 days – parallel to other work)
– Project status meeting and next steps (1 day)
Fee: $50,000
Requires: Product ID 205040

Innovation to Market Strategy & Execution

Product ID 205060
By far, the biggest challenge is to bring brand new and highly innovative solutions to market. Even the largest and most advanced businesses on earth seem to be extremely challenged to bring those new solutions to market. New go-to-market models and methods help to bring products in entirely new ways to their respective markets.
– Innovation to market strategy foundation class (2 day – offsite)
– Innovation to market strategy development (4 weeks parallel to other work)
– Innovation to market plan development (8 weeks)
– Innovation to market strategy forming (2 days offsite)
– KPI development kit
– Dedicated Innovation to Market Canvas
– Innovation to market guidance and advisory (1 year)
Fee: $250,000
Requires: Product ID 205040

Certified Innovations Paradigm Expert CIPE

Product ID 206010
Education program to become an expert in Innovations Paradigm Implementation and Management. A one week training going through an end to end program cycle from start to rolling out innovative solutions and maintain an innovations culture and spirit.
– Full week education program
– KPI development kit
– 10 Dedicated Innovation Development Canvases
– Tests
Fee: $8,000 / person
Requires: Product ID 205020


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